The end of summer

I’m sure this will come as a big surprise to everyone but international travel with two kids is exhausting, as is a holiday in general with two kids and we kept ours jammed packed until the last. Our last weekend in the states was set aside to give three generations of friends time together. Friday … Continue reading The end of summer

Outings abound

So it appears Andrew left and I slacked off so we’ll do a whirlwind catch-up. Last Monday Mom and Dad joined us to hike Mt Kearsarge. We used to hike it almost every summer when I was growing up, and while Ev was probably a bit too young for it and it took a whole … Continue reading Outings abound

The adventure continues

The activity has continued over the past few days and shows no signs of slowing with boat rides, swimming and meals at The Resort (aka Orchard House, the place my aunt and uncle bought 1/2 mile away) it’s been a lot of fun. Ev has been getting ridiculously confident with the water thanks to these … Continue reading The adventure continues